Publié le 1 January 2019

Official documents

Documents from ministerial meetings

Interior Ministers meeting (4 and 5 April 2019, Paris)

Outcome document - Combating the smuggling of migrants and human trafficking networks (05/04/2019)

Outcome document - Combating the use of the internet for terrorist and violent extremist purposes (05/04/2019)

Outcome document - Managing foreign terrorist fighters and their families (05/04/2019)

Outcome document - Fighting environmental crime (05/04/2019)

Foreign Ministers meeting (5 and 6 April 2019, Dinard - Saint-Malo)

G7 Foreign Ministers' statement on the situation in the west of Libya (05/04/2019)

Dinard Declaration on the cyber norm initiative (05/04/2019)

Dinard Declaration on women, peace and security (05/04/2019)

Dinard Declaration on the partnership for a comprehensive and sustainable strategy to combat illicit trafficking in the Sahel region (06/04/2019)

Communiqué - Foreign Ministers meeting (06/04/2019)

Environment Ministers meeting (5 and 6 May 2019, Metz)

Press pack (05/05/2019)

Communiqué - G7 Environment Ministers meeting (06/05/2019)

Metz Charter on Biodiversity (06/05/2019)

Declaration on “International Leaders for Biodiversity” Initiative (06/05/2019)

Declaration on halting deforestation including through sustainable supply chains for agricultural commodities (06/05/2019)

Declaration of intention of support for G.R.E.A.T. (06/05/2019)

Concrete initiatives - Outcome document (06/05/2019)

WWF France and AXA recommendations for the members of the G7 Environment meeting (06/05/2019)

Gender Equality Ministers meeting (9 and 10 May, Paris)

Press pack (07/05/2019)

Press release (10/05/2019)

G7 Ministers Declaration on Gender Equality (10/05/2019)

Digital Ministers meeting (15 May 2019, Paris)

Press pack (15/05/2019)

Health Ministers meeting (16 and 17 May 2019, Paris)

Press release (16/05/2019)

G7 Health Ministers' Declaration (17/05/2019)

Labour Ministers meeting - G7 Social (6 and 7 June, Paris)

Press kit (04/06/2019)

G7 Social Communiqué (07/06/2019)

G7 Social Tripartite declaration (07/06/2019)

G7 Responses to Tackle the Digital Skills Gap (07/06/2019)

Education and Development Ministers meeting (4 and 5 July 2019, Paris)

Joint Paris G7-G5 Sahel Communiqué (04/07/2019)

G7 Financing for Sustainable Development Declaration (04/07/2019)

G7 Takling Fragilities and Preventing Crises in Developing Countries Declaration (04/07/2019)

“Gender at the Center" Initiative (05/07/2019)

G7 Commitment Charter on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) cooperation with developing countries (05/07/2019)

G7 Ministerial Communiqué (05/07/2019)

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