Since the fight against inequality concerns all stakeholders in society (e.g. citizens, businesses, public decision-makers), the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, has decided to renew the format of the G7.

Citizens shaping their own future

We cannot make genuine, effective progress without bringing all parties to the table, including public decision-makers, businesses and citizens. President Macron has already adopted this method with regard to the climate, with the One Planet Coalition which is organizing concrete climate action by bringing together all relevant stakeholders, such as associations and businesses.

Since it is citizens who will be most directly affected by the decisions taken at the G7, they have been closely involved in the process.

All constituencies had their word: young people (Youth 7), women (Women 7), non-governmental organizations (C7), trade unions (Labour 7), employers (Business 7), think tanks (Think tanks 7) and academies of science (Science 7).