Private Office of the President of the Republic

Secretary-General: Mr. Alexis KOHLER
Director of Private Office: Mr. Patrick STRZODA
Chief of Military Staff: Amiral Jean-Philippe ROLLAND
Diplomatic Adviser, G20 and G7 Sherpa: Mr. Emmanuel BONNE
Deputy Secretary-General: Mr. Pierre-André IMBERT
Special Adviser: Mr. Pierre-Olivier COSTA
Remembrance Adviser: Mr. Bruno ROGER-PETIT
Deputy Director of Private Office, Deputy Director-General of Services: Mr. Jérôme RIVOISY
Head of Private Office: Mr. Brice BLONDEL
Deputy Head of Private Office: Mrs. Cécile GENESTE
Junior Adviser to Mr Pierre-Olivier Costa, Special Adviser: Mr. Tristan BROMET

Sovereign Duties Unit

Interior and Security Affairs Adviser: Mr. Frédéric ROSE
Overseas France Adviser: Mr. François GUILLOTOU de KEREVER
Justice Adviser: Mrs. Hélène DAVO

Diplomatic Unit

Deputy Diplomatic Adviser, Strategic and Disarmament Affairs: Mrs. Alice RUFO
Africa Adviser: Mr. Franck PARIS
Africa and Diasporas Adviser: Mrs. Marie AUDOUARD
Middle East and North Africa Adviser: Mr. Patrick DUREL
Continental Europe and Turkey Adviser: Mrs. Isabelle DUMONT
Global Affairs Junior Adviser: Mrs. Ombeline GRAS
Europe Adviser: Mr. Alexandre ADAM
Europe Junior Adviser: Mrs. Chloé GOUPILLE
Europe Junior Adviser: Mr. Jérôme GAZZANO
Asia and Oceania Adviser: Mr. Walid FOUQUE

Social and Health Unit

Social Adviser : Mrs. Annelore COURY
Health, Disabilities and Old Age Adviser: Mrs. Anne-Marie ARMANTERAS

National and Higher Education, Research, Innovation, Sport and Culture Unit

National and Higher Education, Research and Innovation Adviser: Mrs. Anne LAUDE
Culture Adviser: Mrs. Rima ABDULMALAK
Sport, 2024 Olympic Games, Voluntary Sector and Youth Adviser: Mr. Cyril MOURIN

Economy Unit

Economy, Finance and Industry Adviser: Mr. Alexis ZAJDENWEBER
Taxation and Statutory Contributions Adviser: Mr. Grégory ABATE
Industry, Research and Innovation Adviser: Mr. Matthieu LANDON
Macro-Economic and Trade Policy Adviser: Mr. Charles-Henri WEYMULLER

Business, Economic Attractiveness and Exports Adviser: Mr. Philippe ENGLEBERT
State Holdings, Trade and Simplification Junior Adviser: Mr. Victor BLONDE
Public Action and Digital Sector Adviser: Mr. Mohammed-Adnène TROJETTE

Ecology, Agriculture, Energy, Transport and Housing Unit

Energy Junior Adviser: Mr. Stanislas REIZINE
Ecology Junior Adviser: Mr. Benoît FARACO
Agriculture Junior Adviser: Mrs. Maud FAIPOUX
Housing Junior Adviser: Mr. Cédric LORET

Territorial Communities Adviser: Mr. Jean-Marie CAILLAUD

Parliamentary Unit

Parliamentary Adviser: Mr. Pierre HERRERO
Parliamentary Adviser: Mrs. Charlotte DEWITTE
Political Adviser: Mr. Maxance BARRÉ

Communication Unit

International Communication Junior Adviser: Mrs. Anne-Sophie BRADELLE
National Press Junior Advisor : Mrs. Quitterie LEMASSON
Deputy Speech Adviser: Mrs. Sophie WALON


Military Staff of the President of the Republic

Chief of Military Staff of the Presidency of the Republic: Amiral Jean-Philippe ROLLAND
Assistant Chiefs of the Military Staff of the Presidency of the Republic:
- Colonel Jean DE MONICAULT
- Capitaine de vaisseau Nicolas LAMBROPOULOS
- Colonel Pierre RÉAL
Commissaire en chef de 1ère classe Jean LE ROCH
Chief Physician of the Presidency of the Republic:
Docteur Jean-Christophe PERROCHON
Aides de camp :
- Lieutenant-colonel Cédric LAVISSE
- Capitaine de frégate Charles LOY

- Lieutenant-colonel Hugues FOUQUET


National Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Coordination

National Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Coordinator: Mr. Laurent NUÑEZ
Deputy National Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Coordinator: Mr. Hugues BRICQ
Deputy Secretary-General: Mr. Stéphane LETORTU

Services of the Presidency of the Republic

Operational Director: Mr. Arnaud JOLENS
Resources and Modernization Director: Mr. Jean SALOMON
Communication Services Director: Mrs. Laurence LASSERRE
Security Director and Military Commander of the Presidency of the Republic: Colonel Grégoire DEMEZON
Head of the Security Detail and Deputy Director of Security of the Presidency of the Republic: Commissaire divisionnaire Georges SALINAS
Protocol: M. Mathieu CARMONA