Visit the iconic locations of the French Presidency and discover their history through digital technology.

01 The Élysée palace

From the monarchy to the Fifth Republic, with its many owners and multiple uses, the Élysée Palace has witnessed the construction of modern France.  Reveal all its secrets and return to when it was built in 1722.

02 Brégançon fort

Discover the other residencies used by the Presidency

03 The Élysée gift shop

  • Former Presidents

    Discover the stories of those who shaped the destiny of the French Republic

  • Founding texts

    See the major texts upon which the French Republic has been founded since 1791

  • Symbols

    See the symbols of the French Republic: the flag, Marianne, the national anthem, the rooster

  • Institutions

    Discover the institutions of the Fifth Republic: the President, the Constitutional Council, the Parliament, etc.

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