Official portrait: Nicolas Sarkozy
Nicolas Sarkozy
© La Documentation française. Photo Philippe Warrin

28 January 1955 
Nicolas Sarkozy was born in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

He studied at Sciences Po Paris.
He wrote a dissertation on the Referendum of 27 April 1969.

He was elected Municipal Councillor for Neuilly-sur-Seine.

He was awarded a degree in Private Law.

He was awarded a special degree to practice as a lawyer (CAPA). 

1983 to 2002
He was Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine.

He was Vice-Chairman of the Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council, responsible for cultural education.

He served as Deputy for the Department of Hauts-de-Seine (6th constituency).

6 February 1998
Secretary-General of the Rassemblement pour la République (RPR).

He served as Minister of the Budget and Communication.

He was the Government Spokesperson.

July-September 1999
He was elected member of the European Parliament.

He served as Minister of the Interior, Internal Security and Local Freedoms.

2004 - 2005
He served as Ministre d'État, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry. 

28 November 2004
He was President of the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP). 

He was President of the Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council.

May 2005 - March 2007
He served as Minister of the Interior and Regional Development. 

6 May 2007
He was elected President of the French Republic with 53.06% of votes. 

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