Part of the topic : Sherpa and Sous-Sherpa meetings

The sous-sherpas met on 11 and 12 July 2019 in Paris for their latest work sessions, 6 weeks ahead of the G7 Summit.

En route to Biarritz with our partners

The sous-sherpas discussed the concrete objectives at the centre of the French G7 Presidency: the fight against inequality, the partnership with Africa – with particular attention for the Sahel region, gender equality, the climate and the environment and the challenges of digital technology.

Like at the 3rd sherpa meeting, all partner countries were present at the negotiating table and participated actively in the sessions in which they are stakeholders:

  • The Biarritz partners – Australia, Chile, India and South Africa – contributed to the work of digital technology and artificial intelligence.
  • The pillars of the Africa Partnership were negotiated with representatives from the African continent that have been invited to the Summit, namely Burkina Faso, Egypt, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa and the African Union.
  • Lastly, the sixteen delegations met for a session specifically on issues regarding the climate, biodiversity and the oceans.

Discussions with the Advisory Council and new Engagement Groups

France opened the doors of this meeting to civil society as it has consistently done since the beginning of its G7 Presidency.

This gave the sous-sherpas the chance to meet members of the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council on the day after their third meeting. They received an update on the progress of the Biarritz Partnership which aims to promote a group of laws which better foster gender equality.

Lastly, two engagement groups which were created this year, Lawyers 7 and University 7, came to present their commitments and recommendations to the sous-sherpas on the priorities of the French G7 Presidency.

In the run up to the Biarritz Summit, the sherpas, sous-sherpas and their teams of G7 members and partner countries will continue their discussions in order to ensure that France’s G7 Presidency and the meeting between Heads of State and Government are a success.