Posted on 3 July 2019

Negotiations in G7 format in schools

In line with the G7’s efforts to include civil society, the Ministry of National Education and Youth offered to organize mock G7 negotiations in schools centred on the theme of fighting inequality.

Some 60 mock G7 negotiations were held in schools across France.

On 18 June, a jury met at the offices of the Delegation on European and International Relations and Cooperation (DREIC) to choose the top 7 proposals which will be presented to G7 Education Ministers at their meeting on 4 July at the International Centre for Pedagogical Studies (CIEP). 

Simulation de négociations en format G7 au Collège Immaculée Conception de Biarritz

Some 60 projects from a total of 19 school districts – nearly 40 middle schools and some 20 high schools from every region in France – were in the running. With the help of motivated school principals and teachers and the involvement of members of DREIC, written declarations and videos were made to sum up the students’ work.

Through this initiative, classes studied the G7 countries to learn about their education models and to carry out genuine international reflection in their schools. Gender equality, inclusive education and efforts to tackle bullying and all forms of discrimination at school are all important to young people, which are consistent with problems being addressed at the G7 Education Ministers’ meeting on 4 July.

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