France is overhauling the G7 format in 2019 and getting civil society involved as much as possible.  

Locally, the regions hosting the Summit are fully committed to making sure your voices are heard, promoting solutions implemented in regions to fight inequality and putting forward recommendations to the G7.

This close dialogue with civil society will take the form of three forums ahead of the Summit.

The Forum of Regional Gender Equality Solutions (14 June in Bayonne)

Gender equality, a key priority of the French G7 Presidency, will be the focus of the event organized in Bayonne on 14 June held by the Basque Development Council. Round tables will be held on such themes as women’s sports, fighting violence against women and female entrepreneurs.

Plural Regions – Local Action, Global Impact (28 June in Saint-Palais)

Another event involving socio-economic stakeholders and a wide variety of associations will be held on 28 June on the theme of regional equality. This debate, organized by the Pyrénées-Atlantiques Departmental Council under the aegis of the Regional Promotion Committee, a multi-partner G7 forum, will be held in Saint-Palais and local elected officials will attend.

The aim is to discuss regions, their differences and successful experiences. Several regional stakeholders will speak in order to launch discussion on regional traits that can explain their successful experiences in industry, sport, cooperative projects, innovation and artificial intelligence.

Biodiversity and Oceans Forum (21 and 22 August) 

This event made it possible for Biarritz to showcase local stakeholders working to protect the climate, biodiversity and oceans at the time of the Summit.