Education Ministers meeting

The Education Ministers meeting will also be held on 4 July, at the International Centre for Educational Studies (CIEP) in Sèvres. This meeting will seek to go into greater depth on two themes:

  • The importance of early schooling as a means of combating educational inequality from the earliest age, which is a major issue facing all States. In this context, the key challenge is to address the emotional security, fulfilment and language development needs of very young children in school, in order to foster learning and prepare the acquisition of fundamental knowledge: how to read, write, count and respect others;
  • The quality of teacher training, which is an essential condition to improve education levels and combat inequality. In this area, the key is to provide high-quality initial and continuous training and to address the new challenges of society (educating informed citizens, training pupils to use new technologies, and working with children who have special needs, etc.).