Situated at the very centre of the Palace, the Salon Doré also has a central role as the office of the President of the Republic.

Emmanuel Macron in the Golden Room © Présidence de la République

While Fifth-Republic Presidents have had their office there, some, like Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, have chosen to make it a ceremonial one, while actually working a few metres away in a more austere room.

Golden Room © Présidence de la République

The decoration chosen in 1861 for Empress Eugénie, Napoleon III’s wife, remains intact in this room. The imperial couple’s monogram, “NE”, visible above the doors, is a reminder of its former occupant. The dominance of black in the room’s contemporary furniture, which includes a desk by Thierry Lemaire and a painting by Pierre Soulages, highlights the brightness of the decoration.

Pierre Soulages, 2 DÉCEMBRE 1989 © Présidence de la République

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Updated : 15 December 2022