1/ As countries improve their water and sanitation infrastructure, we believe that vaccination is also an important and effective tool in the fight against cholera. To respond to the current cholera crisis, it is critical that global supply of oral cholera vaccines (OCV) can respond to surges in demand. Increasing the quantity as well as improving the distribution of OCV is key for long-term prevention and management of cholera outbreaks, alongside key multisectoral measures such as improving water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), ensuring access to health care services and effectively engaging communities and strengthening diagnostics, surveillance, and case management, as part of our common efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goals on access to clean water and sanitation (SDG 6) and on good health and wellbeing (SDG 3).

2/ We commend the impact of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance’s work over the past decade, notably through market shaping and programmatic and financing support for expanding supply and deployment of the preventive use of cholera vaccines as well as the OCV emergency stockpile, managed by the International Coordinating Group (ICG) on Vaccine Provision to respond to outbreaks. Working with Alliance Partners and countries since 2013, Gavi’s efforts have supported an eighteen-fold increase in supply and further stimulated a production increase of 30% in 2024 and far more in 2025 for cholera vaccines. The collaboration between Gavi, the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and the Global Task Force on Cholera Control (GTFCC) has been instrumental in supporting country’s demand for OCV as well as the effective implementation of cholera vaccination campaigns.

3/ We further believe that investing in OCV production capacity in Africa is key to diversifying the market and improving rapid access in areas at risk for future cholera outbreaks. We commend that the African Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator (AVMA) is designed to support the financing of regional production of vaccines against priority diseases, including cholera, in line with i) the GTFCC: a Global Roadmap to 2030 and ii) with our pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response (PPPR) priorities. We look forward to supporting this objective through appropriate channels.

Endorsed by :

- Government of Canada
- Government of France
- Government of Germany
- Government of Ireland
- Government of Italy
- Government of Japan
- Government of Spain
- Government of Sweden
- Government of the United States
- Government of Australia
- European Commission