Part of the topic : Sherpa and Sous-Sherpa meetings

The G7 Sous Sherpas met for the second time in Paris on 13 and 14 May. At this meeting three months ahead of the Biarritz Summit, participants were able to advance the French Presidency’s objectives in very concrete terms.

With African representatives in attendance, discussions focused on the different pillars of the Partnership with Africa: supporting women’s entrepreneurship, accelerating the digital transformation and improving transparency. The objective was to prepare the ground for the next Sherpa meeting in Paris on 13 and 14 June, where G7 members and African partners will work together again.

The overall concrete implementation of the commitments made by the G7 was reviewed. Since the 2009 Aquila Summit, the G7 Heads of State and Government have decided to report on the progress with regard to their international development commitments. This accountability is especially important as the G7 countries are the main donors of official development assistance, which accounts for more than 70% of assistance worldwide. Every three years, an accountability report presents a comprehensive review of all of these commitments. France’s report is to be approved by the Sherpas and published at the Biarritz Summit.