Official portrait: Félix Faure
Félix Faure
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30 January 1841
François Félix Faure was born in Paris.

He studied at the École Pompée d’Ivry-sur-Seine.

He travelled to England.

He worked in a leatherware company in Le Havre;

He was a leather negotiator in Le Havre.

12 July 1865
He married Berthe Belluot.

He was the Consul of Greece in Le Havre.

He served as Deputy Mayor of Le Havre, he was removed from office by the Government of Broglie.

August 1881
He was elected as a moderate Republican Deputy for Le Havre and re-elected in 1885, 1889 and 1893.

14 November 1881-26 January 1882
He served as Under-Secretary of the State for Trade and the Colonies in the Gambetta Government (Grévy Presidency).

22 September 1883-30 March 1885
He served as Under-Secretary of the State for the Navy in the Ferry Government (Grévy Presidency).

5 January-19 February 1888
Under-Secretary of State for the Navy in the Tirard Government (Carnot Presidency).

30 May 1894-15 January 1895
Minister of the Navy of the Dupuy Government (Carnot Presidency).

17 January 1895
After the resignation of Casimir-Perier, he was elected President of the Republic. His term-of-office was marked by intense diplomatic activity. To strengthen the alliance with Russia, Félix Faure received the Czar Nicolas II in Paris in October 1896 and visited Kronstadt the next year.

The Fashoda Incident occurred between France and England.

January 1898
“J’accuse” by Émile Zola was published in the newspaper, L’Aurore, to denounce the injustice done against Captain Dreyfus.

16 February 1899
Félix Faure died suddenly at the Élysée Palace.

23 February 1899
At Félix Faure’s funeral, a coup d’état was attempted by Paul Déroulède and his League of Patriots and thwarted.

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