The President of the Republic spoke by telephone with King Abdullah II of Jordan on Saturday, 4 June 2022. 

King Abdullah II congratulated President Macron on his re-election. 

President Macron restated his commitment to the strategic partnership between France and Jordan and his full support for the Hashemite Kingdom in its response to the security and economic challenges it faces. He welcomed the Jordan-EU Association Council meeting on 2 June, a key event in the bilateral relationship between the European Union and Jordan. 

They also discussed the regional situation in the Middle East. The President highlighted his readiness to continue working to support the region’s stability, following the French-chaired Baghdad Conference in August 2021 that brought together all regional actors. 

Regarding the Middle East Peace Process, they both expressed their concern in face of growing tensions. The President declared himself ready to help contain any escalation and foster lasting peace. He underlined his particular attention for the Holy Sites in Jerusalem, which he visited in January 2020, as well as Jordan’s special role in this respect. 

During their conversation, they also addressed the Russian aggression in Ukraine, and particularly its consequences for global food security. The President summed up France’s diplomatic efforts in liaison with the United Nations and the countries concerned to enable the exporting of Ukrainian harvests, which much of the world depends on to eat.