Finland and Sweden have made the sovereign decision to apply for NATO membership. These decisions are based on democratic processes, following a comprehensive analysis of the changes in their security environment. 

The President of the Republic welcomes and supports these decisions coming from two very close European partners who share and defend with us the principles of democracy, individual liberty and rule of law. Thanks to their robust defense capabilities, Finland and Sweden joining NATO will reinforce the security and stability of the Baltic Sea region as well as that of Europe as a whole, and of the Euro-Atlantic area. 

Whoever would seek to test European solidarity by threatening or attacking their sovereignty, through whatever means, must be certain that France will stand shoulder to shoulder with Finland and Sweden. France reaffirms its commitment and solidarity under Article 42.7 of the Treaty of the European Union, and stands ready to increase its security and defence cooperation with both partners, including through high-level political consultations and enhanced military interactions.