Who can become President of the Republic?

Any citizen of French nationality, over the age of 18 and having fulfilled the requirements imposed by the National Service Code.

Candidates must gather the signatures of 500 elected representatives, in at least 30 different Departments or Overseas Territories, without more than a tenth of them being elected from the same Department or Overseas Territory. The list of these signatures (name and position) is made public by the Constitutional Council. Without these 500 signatures, the candidate is not eligible.

How long is a President’s term?

The presidential term is five years.

After the presidential election in 2002, the seven-year term was replaced by a five-year term, renewable, in line with the constitutional reform adopted by referendum on 24 September 2000.

Can the President of the Republic exercise other functions?

The President of the Republic cannot exercise any other public or private function.

How is the President elected?

The President of the Republic has been elected through direct universal suffrage since the referendum of 28 October 1962 at the initiative of General de Gaulle.

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Updated : 15 December 2022