Since 2018, The Tech for Good Summit, an initiative of the President Macron, brings together corporate groups, start-ups and non-profits to define development models that put digital and technology at the service of humanity. They work together around “for good” initiatives, for all and everywhere.

This group gathers 80 leaders who undertook specific commitments followed by concrete actions, structured around five workstreams : education; gender equity and diversity; Future of Work; economic and social inclusiveness and environment protection.

The covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital and has highlighted drift in digital uses, as well as inequalities. However, we believe these same technologies will serve as a major catalyst to enhance our societies’ resilience and the recovery of our economies. The Tech For Good Call, launched on 1 December 2020 falls within this very specific context.

The Tech for Good Call

We, members of the Tech for Good initiative and signatories of this manifesto,

Considering the positive impact of the tech and digital revolution in the service of human progress and the essential contribution of entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators, and civil society, especially in the fields of information sharing and knowledge dissemination, international cooperation, access to education and culture, as well as organizations’ efficiency, innovation and broader economic growth and related positive externalities [...]

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The Tech for Good summit

The Tech for Good Summit is an initiative of the President Macron founded in 2018. Its ambition is to increase cooperation and collaboration of actors of all sizes to put innovation, technology and economics at the service of humanity and common good. This annual gathering brings together in Paris a diverse group of corporate, start-up and non-profit leaders from some of the most dynamic organizations across the world. It traditionally takes place on the eve of Viva Technology, Europe’s biggest startup and tech event.

With the methodological, strategic, and knowledge support of McKinsey&Company teams, 80+ Tech for Good companies undertook commitments during the 2019 summit and have since begun to implement them. The goals which have been defined include training 1 million people in technology, reducing GHG emissions in line with the Paris Agreement, ensuring that at least 30% of management positions are held by women by 2022, and helping 5 million people achieve digital independence by 2025.

The initiative

Tech for Good is composed of five groups of 15 to 20 organizations from different types and sizes:

  • The Tech for Education group aims at training students in technology while supporting technology usage in education.
  • The Future of Work group addresses the skill-shift needs brought by the unprecedented technological disruption caused by automation and digitization by defining and promoting trainings on soft-skills and technological skills.
  • The Tech for Diversity group aims to promote gender equity and a business ecosystem that promotes inclusion, mainly by increasing representation of women in leadership positions and tech roles.
  • The members of the Tech for Economic Inclusiveness group aim at reducing inequalities by digitally empowering their ecosystem—including staff, clients, partners, suppliers, communities, and stakeholders.
  • The Tech for Environment group has the objective of decreasing environmental footprint in line with the Paris Agreement and promoting tech solutions to achieve it. Furthermore, the Tech for Environment group has been analyzing how to participate in a “green recovery” from the current crisis.

Over the past twelve months, the five groups developed new cross-company initiatives while delivering on the engagements taken by the more than 80 CEOs during the 2019 Summit. When the COVID-19 crisis broke out, they analyzed the impact of the pandemic on each of their areas of focus and developed concrete actions to face the challenges brought by the crisis.

The members are:

Overall commitment of Tech for Good workstreams by 2022

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