The President of the French Republic spoke with the President of Ukraine, Mr Volodymyr ZELENSKY by telephone today, Tuesday 1 November 2022.

They discussed the situation on the ground as well as latest developments in Ukraine’s counter-offensive. The French President reiterated that France was fully prepared to step up its military support for Ukraine forthwith, especially as concerns anti-air defence.

The President of the French Republic furthermore underscored his determination to support Ukraine through the oncoming winter, as Russian strikes have considerably damaged the country’s water supply and electricity infrastructure. He stated that France is to intensify its support in this regard and will furthermore push for international mobilisation. The two presidents agreed to hold an international conference in Paris on 13 December to build support for the country’s civilians throughout winter. Preparatory work to this end is to commence shortly along with Ukraine’s other partners. In addition, the two presidents also agreed to hold a bilateral conference, slated for 12 December, with the aim of mobilising French firms.

The presidents discussed Russia’s withdrawal from the agreement facilitating Ukrainian grain exports through the maritime corridor. The French President denounced Russia’s unilateral decision as posing a renewed threat to the world’s food security.

They also addressed the situation of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, where pressure on Ukrainian personnel from Russian forces is further jeopardising the plant’s safety. 

Finally, with regard to Russia’s unfounded claims of Ukraine’s plans to develop a dirty bomb, the President of the French Republic commended Ukraine’s exemplary transparency, which enabled an immediate IAEA on-site inspection, so as to demonstrate Ukraine’s full compliance with safeguards and debunk the groundless accusations.