Yesterday morning, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron has been diagnosed positive at COVID-19.

Today he sends a message:

18 December 2020 - Check against delivery

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Message from President.


This Friday, I wanted to speak to you because, as you have been aware since yesterday morning, I have tested positive for COVID-19.

After experiencing some initial symptoms, I took the test. When I received the positive result, I isolated at once, as instructed by the public health regulations. I recorded this result on TousAntiCovid, entering the code of the test so that the application may alert all the close contacts it recognizes, and the Élysée called all close contacts that we are aware of and who I had met in the preceding 48 hours.

Naturally, I had met with a number of political leaders, members of the Government, international leaders, as well as close protection staff and friends and family members. All of the contacts were called, are isolating and have taken tests.

I wish to thank you for all the messages of support, sympathy and solidarity that you have sent me.

I want to reassure you: I am doing well.

I have the same symptoms as yesterday: fatigue, headaches and a dry cough, just like the hundreds of thousands of you who have had the virus or have it now.

Each day, I will keep you updated on my progress and the evolution of the virus. There is no reason to expect that my condition will worsen, but I am being monitored by doctors and I will keep you informed in an entirely transparent manner.

For the rest, I am of course continuing to work on current matters with the Prime Minister, the Government and my staff. I am working a little slower than usual due to the virus, but I am continuing to take care of the most important issues, such as the epidemic and how we are managing it here in France and, for example, issues related to Brexit.

I also wanted to give you a message: for yourselves, for all of us, please continue to be careful. Yesterday, I tested positive, which shows that the virus can truly affect everyone, because I am extremely protected. I am very careful. I follow the preventive measures, keep a distance, wear a mask, and use hand sanitizer regularly. Nonetheless I caught the virus, perhaps by letting my guard down for just a moment – an unlucky moment, but that is the reality.

What is certain is that, if I hadn’t respected the rules and preventive measures, I would have caught it much earlier and, critically, I would have passed it on in the preceding hours to many more people.

So we must continue to follow these rules. I know they are a burden on you, and sometimes appear harsh, but we must keep going. 

I, along with 18,000 other French men and women yesterday, tested positive. The virus is therefore taking off again, so we must be vigilant.

During the holidays, we must take care of each other.

I am calling on each and every one of you to do just that. 

I am counting on you. Let’s do our utmost. 

Nobody is safe from this virus. Nobody.

So we must resist, together. 

The vaccine will soon be here. We will continue to get ready.

I will speak to you again very soon. 

Take care.