Posted on 30 April 2018

Telephone conversation between President Macron and Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation

President Emmanuel Macron spoke this morning with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

They expressed their common wish to preserve the achievements of the 2015 Iranian nuclear agreement.

President Macron expressed his desire to see discussions begin, in close cooperation with Russia, the other permanent members of the Security Council, and European and regional powers, on monitoring Iranian nuclear activity after 2025, Iran’s ballistic missile program, and the situations in Syria and Yemen.

He hoped that Russia would play a constructive role on all of these issues to avoid further exacerbating tensions in the region.

The two presidents agreed to work toward this aim in the coming days and weeks.

Ahead of President Macron’s visit to Russia on May 24 and 25, the two presidents agreed to step up contacts between their teams to achieve concrete progress, particularly on the Syrian crisis.

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