President Emmanuel Macron spoke by phone with the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani for more than an hour on April 29.

He expressed his wish that the achievements of the 2015 negotiations be preserved and that discussions begin on another three vital topics: monitoring nuclear activities after 2025, Iran’s ballistic missile program, and the main regional crises.

The French and Iranian presidents agreed to work first and foremost, in the coming weeks, on preserving all components of the 2015 agreement, as well as on the situations in Yemen and Syria.

In conjunction with the permanent members of the Security Council and European and regional partners, it was agreed that counselors and ministers will work closely on these issues in the coming days and weeks.

President Macron also reaffirmed that France will remain in the 2015 agreement and will strive to move forward on the other three topics. He stressed the need to avoid any escalation of tensions in the region.

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