Official portrait: Armand Fallières
Armand Fallières
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6 November 1841
Clément, Armand Fallières was born in Mézin (Department of Lot-et-Garonne).
After completing his law studies in Paris, he became a member of the Nérac Bar.

14 January 1868
He married Jeanne Bresson.

4 September 1870
He was elected Municipal Councillor and Mayor of Nérac.

October 1871
He served as Nérac Departmental Councillor.

He served as Republican Deputy for Nérac.

17 May 1880-1881
He served as Under-Secretary of the State for the Interior and Religions.

7 August-13 September 1882
He served as Minister of the Interior.

13 September 1882-28 January 1883
He served as Minister of the Interior and Religions.

29 January-20 February 1883
He was Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior and Religions, and acting Minister of Foreign Affairs.

20 November 1883-5 April 1885
He was Minister of Public Instruction and Fine Arts.

30 May-11 December 1887
He served as Minister of the Interior.

30 November-9 December 1887
He served as acting Minister of Justice. 

12 December 1887-2 April 1888
He served as Minister of Justice.

22 February 1889-16 March 1890
He was Minister of Public Instruction and Fine Arts.

8 January 1890
He served as a Senator.

17 March 1890-26 February 1892
He served as a Minister of Justice and Religions.

3 March 1899
He was President of the Senate.

17 February 1906
He was President of the Republic after Émile Loubet.
He appointed several prominent figures of the Third Republic to become head of the Government: Clemenceau, Briand, Caillaux, Poincaré. His seven-year term was riddled with domestic problems, including inventory quarrels, and social unrest.

14 June 1907
Frederick VIII of Denmark visited France.

August 1907
The Triple Entente was signed between France, the United Kingdom and Russia.

25-29 May 1908
The President visited England.

18 July-4 August 1908
The President visited the Scandinavian capitals. He met Czar Nicolas II in Reval on 27 July.

1 August 1909
The President received Czar Nicolas II in Cherbourg and the Czarina.

April 1911
The President visited Tunisia.

17 February 1913
Raymond Poincaré was elected President of the Republic. Armand Fallières retired definitively from political life.

22 June 1931
Armand Fallières died in Mézin.

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