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(*) Article L.122-5 of the Code of Intellectual Property lays down the principle that “Once a work has been disclosed, the author may not prohibit: [...] dissemination, even in their entirety, through the press or by broadcasting, as current news, of speeches intended for the public made in political, [...] gatherings, as well as in public meetings of a political nature and at official ceremonies”. The speeches of the President of the Republic are essentially an exception to copyright. Similarly, “public” and “official” documents such as official statements by the Presidency of the Republic are not covered by any copyright and may be reproduced freely. While partial or complete reuse of this content is permitted, it must be accompanied by the mention of the author’s name, the source, and if applicable a link to the original document on the site. The words “Website of the Presidency of the Republic” or “” must therefore be indicated.

Updated : 3 January 2023