President Macron spoke by phone with U.S. President Joe Biden on April 20 – one of the regular conversations that take place between the two heads of state.

At a time when Ukraine continues to be the victim of Russian aggression, the two presidents discussed the latest developments on the ground and support for the Ukrainian war effort. They reaffirmed their shared determination to maintain this support over the long term.

President Macron shared the results of his state visit to Beijing and Guangzhou. China has a role to play, in the medium term, in helping to end the conflict in compliance with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. The two leaders agreed on the importance of continuing to engage with the Chinese authorities to that end.

The French President also emphasized the EU’s major contribution in support of Ukraine: its civilian and military components together exceed €67 billion. He also reiterated the need for the Europeans to continue rearming in order to assume their burden-sharing responsibilities in the area of transatlantic security. France will fully play its part in this regard, with the help of its new military planning law.

Both presidents share the same determination to strengthen the cooperative efforts currently under way and to uphold international law, including the freedom of navigation, throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

They also discussed the extremely troubling situation in Sudan.